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Organization for owners of amphibious cars provides history, convention information, discussion group, regional chapter links, and restoration and maintenance information.


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 2 - Amphicars.com Browse Website open in new window
Photos, articles, for-sale listings, and other resources on the Amphicar and other amphibious vehicles.


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 3 - Dutton Marine Browse Website open in new window
Manufacturers of road legal amphibians. Contains company history, vehicle specifications, and notice board.


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 4 - SeaRoader Browse Website open in new window
UK company with amphibious vehicles in development and production. Photos, FAQ, price list, and other information.


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Pictures of the Amphicar Model 770 and events that feature them.


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 6 - Amphib Belgium Browse Website open in new window
Worldwide club for those who are interested in vehicles that drive and float. Amphibious cars of interest include military, civilian, old-timers and new models.


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Offers pictures and information about the Amphicar.


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 8 - WaterCar Browse Website open in new window
Fiberglass vehicle styled after the 2002 convertible Camaro body style. Includes specifications, photographs, and videos.


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 9 - Amphicar Canada Browse Website open in new window
Based in Orillia, Ontario. Events, tips, photographs, links, and people. Also a business site offering sales and restorations.


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Dedicated to the amphicar. The amphibious/ water car.


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