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Bird rehabilitation site with information about baby birds and what to do if you find a wild bird in trouble.


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Current seasonal information on backyard birds, bird feeding, backyard habitats, water areas, birdhouses and more from award-winning authors George and Kit Harrison. Books and videos available.


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 13 - Backyard Birder Browse Website open in new window
The basics of backyard birding including bird seed, bird feeders, and squirrel control to attract wild birds to your yard.


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 14 - Brids 123 Browse Website open in new window
Tips on attracting backyard birds, bird watching, photography, and pet birds.


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 15 - Nestboxes Browse Website open in new window
Specifications for building nestboxes for 10 species of Texas birds.


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Birds of Central Indiana with pictures and real video.


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U.S. non-profit group with information on bird seed, bird feeders, plus projects for kids, nestbox plans, and educational materials.


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Blog for wild bird enthusiasts from Duncraft.


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 19 - Birding 101 Browse Website open in new window
Articles and links to for beginning birders, including bird species, behavior, migration, history, and supplies.


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Short articles on various birding subjects, with photographs, recipes, and gardening information.


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