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Bulletin board dedicated to shooting and hunting with traditional muzzleloaders.


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An introduction to owning and shooting muzzle loading handguns with particular reference to the United Kingdom.


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The "Kentucky" rifle was first developed in Pennsylvania by Germanic settlers who had emigrated from their homeland.


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Muzzle loader shooting tips for loading, shooting and safety with black powder


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Everything to know about black powder guns including - links, images, history, forums and how-to's.


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Advice on adjusting and sighting in blackpowder rifles.


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Offers illustrated guide to paper patching the mini for replica muzzleloaders.


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Muzzleloader hunting, competition, resource links, club information, photo gallery, and message boards.


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About black powder, gunpowder, black powder substitutes; their use as a propellant for muzzleloaders and muzzleloading.


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Throughout the process of sighting the rifle, it is wise to make changes in the sights only after having fired a number of shots, never a single one.


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