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A categorised collection of some of the worst album covers ever released. Visitors can vote for the most awful.


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Features manualists Bruce Gaston and Jim Rotondo squeezing music out of thin air with their hands and the part-time help of a Bicycle Tire Pump.


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Alphabetic list of humorous band names and links to some of them.


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A look at some of the humorous areas of pop culture, including a large section featuring the best and worst records from various years.


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 5 - IT Anthems Browse Website open in new window
Catalog of corporate anthems, including commentary and reviews of the merit.


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 6 - Song Crossfire Browse Website open in new window
Song interpretations by people who think way outside the box.


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Generates random band names along with word definitions and search engine links.


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 8 - Donna Kay Honey Browse Website open in new window
Irreverent blue collar musical comedy for trailer trash lovers, weenie dog owners, and trailer trash fans. Features profiles of band members, calendar and contact details.


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The story behind the voice. Elva Miller as you have never seen her before. Complete with quicktime videos.


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Musically documenting the world's most unnecessary key changes.


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