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Intelligence quiz, designed to be emailed to others.


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Information on the annual Mooning of Amtrak Trains in Southern California.


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 3 - Phonebashing Browse Website open in new window
Movies of pranks involving destruction of mobile phones of randomly selected people. Requires Quicktime.


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A large collection of pranks for school, office, home, dorm or everyday life. Pranks are tested for usability. Samples and directions are included.


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Ideas for pranks, practical jokes, and mischief.


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Contains the option to send fake emails, hoaxes, anonymous emails, and receive replies to it.


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 7 - Prank Mail Browse Website open in new window
Send a prank email to your friends, from the email address of your choice.


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 8 - Prankified Browse Website open in new window
Visitors can share and discuss pranks, arrange into categories and rated for effectiveness.


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Play pranks on friends and coworkers with fake news reports.


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 10 - PrankBot Browse Website open in new window
Choose a prank, enter details about your friends, and PrankBot will play a practical joke on them.


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