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"Education and Condescension" - Fighting ignorance since 1973, Cecil Adams takes questions from the teeming millions, spewing forth correctness week after week in his replies.


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Collection of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geology and university humor. It also includes humorous quotes, rhymes, mnemonics and anecdotes about scientists


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Bimonthly science humor magazine published since 1955. Sample articles, subscription and contact information, and the magazine's history.


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Web site and online audio archives for the weekly TWIS science radio show. A humorous and irreverent take on the world of science.


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A news site that explores the edges of science: altered realities, near-death experiences, unsolved mysteries, exotic sushi, parallel universes, religion and science, weird and fun, sex, beauty and brains, fantastic memes. Edited by science writer Dr....


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This ring is intended to join websites with humor about science and scientists, so that you can wander forever along the science humor sites.


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Comic Brian Malow hosts a live daily webcast featuring interviews with scientists, authors, techies, artists, musicians and others.


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Prompted by a letter from Dr. Eugenie Scott in Science News noting that the creationists have all the good songs, Dr. Stephen Baird decided to address the long neglected problem of scientific gospel. Includes music, quotes, and merchandise.


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 9 - Solar Death Ray Browse Website open in new window
Using the power of 112 suns to burn, melt, and destroy things.


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A compilation of mistakes which are the result of misapplication or ignorance of science and engineering principles.


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