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Confessions (4)

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Several thousand examples of funny or bizarre childhood beliefs, organised by topic.


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A world of biting sarcasm and senseless humor.


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 3 - CareBearDragon Browse Website open in new window
Tales of a diverse collection of fictional dragons.


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A life-changing, emotionally charged collection of bizarre tales, Java games and things written by Philip the man Hassey.


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 5 - Rowena's Page Browse Website open in new window
A continuing series of mostly humorous short stories about a young woman's life.


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 6 - In Passing Browse Website open in new window
Bizarre, tragic, true and sometimes hilarious things a college girl overhears during the course of her day.


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Humorous columns written by Jaron Summers who is author of "The Whooping Moose" and "Become a Published Author" - print your opus for the cost of a Big Mac".


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 8 - Pen & Pixel Browse Website open in new window
Hard-to-believe true stories and could-be-true fiction, humor, satire, and silliness written by humorist, Mitch Lemus.


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Original fiction, non-fiction, and essays.


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The "Redneck Bombeck" takes you all through the interesting feats of Southern motherhood.


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