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Find unique and easy tips to kill boredom at home or in office. Simple tips which change your life when your bored.


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 2 - FOUND magazine Browse Website open in new window
Photographs of found objects. Images and RealAudio samples, and they accept actual found objects by mail.


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 3 - Zombo.com Browse Website open in new window
Where you'll always get a warm welcome. Requires Flash and audio.


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Timewasting exercise using a computer mouse.


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A real-time webcam view of this exciting spectator activity, plus other equally interesting subjects.


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Home of the Koolefant, URL toys and random poetry.


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 7 - All Too Flat Browse Website open in new window
Geeky humor, backwards Google searches, the Bible According to Cheese, help with pet names and an advice column from a halibut.


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Offering a new lie every day, plus a listing of all the lies of the week and a searchable database.


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 9 - Fun Latin Browse Website open in new window
Expressions not found in the classics but might make a great bumper sticker.


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 10 - Giant Lava Lamp Browse Website open in new window
A small town in Washington is trying to build a lava lamp. Request for help, and computer simulated pictures of what the lamp might look like.


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