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 1 - Shakeskin Browse Website open in new window
A gallery of shaken faces. Visitors can upload their own images.


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 2 - Hetemeel.com Browse Website open in new window
Visitors can customize different images, adding text and visuals to them to create humorous pictures.


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 3 - He Looks Like Browse Website open in new window
The morbid game of psychoanalyzing strangers in pictures.


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 4 - The Rabbit Browse Website open in new window
A bizarre, surreal comic strip starring everyday objects.


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Humorous and brain-teasing pictures.


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A brief visual quiz to try to determine if a picture is a masterpiece of modern art, or not.


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 7 - So Last Year Browse Website open in new window
Amusing, odd, and cute pictures with captions.


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 8 - Stupid Pictures Browse Website open in new window
View funny pictures and doctored images, featuring famous people, animals plus classic faked photos. Visitors can submit their own material.


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 9 - The Mime Box Browse Website open in new window
Mimed pictures plus captions.


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 10 - Smallgrin.net Browse Website open in new window
A gallery of unusual or experimental facial expressions.


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