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 1 - The Word Spy Browse Website open in new window
Explains new words and phrases with new entries added regularly, plus archives of previous entries.


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 2 - Fun With Words Browse Website open in new window
Heteronyms, contronyms, eponyms, word/letter frequencies and other trivia.


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Dedicated to oddities of the English language plus various types of wordplay.


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Entertaining and annotated listing of collective nouns such as 'a murder of crows' and 'a pomposity of professors'.


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See what happens when an English phrase is translated by computer back and forth between 5 different languages. Confusion results.


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Includes book of word records, palindromic words, pangrams, most beautiful and ugly words, Scrabble words, and Bible word trivia.


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Information and links on lipograms, works of fiction that omit a single letter.


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10, 000+ rhetorical questions. Accepts submissions.


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 9 - Stink Pink Browse Website open in new window
Questions have answers with two rhyming words.


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Over 900 excuses to not go to work or school, police and accidents, breaking dates, doctor, missing church, diet, and taxes.


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