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 1 - Wardley, Andy Browse Website open in new window
Kite flier, designer and movie maker. Known for freestyle and trick flying.


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 2 - Philip Le Riche Browse Website open in new window
The Virtual Kite Zoo - Descriptions, plans, pictures of many kite varieties, a FAQ in itself


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 3 - Masami Takakuwa Browse Website open in new window
Traditional Japanese kites, kite festivals in Japan, Japanese kite plans.


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 4 - Jennifer Chan Browse Website open in new window
How to go and fly a kite. A beginner's site on kites - the physics, history, myth, and basics of kites.


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 5 - du Toit, Damien Browse Website open in new window
Introduction to kites and kite flying.


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 6 - Ray Bethell Browse Website open in new window
World champion multiple sport kite pilot.


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 7 - Steadywinds.com Browse Website open in new window
Kite weblog showcasing custom kites, builders plans, photos, videos and other information related to kites.


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 8 - Masaaki Satoh Browse Website open in new window
Designer and builder of Abu dako, Semi dako, Hachi dako.


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 9 - Michael Goddard Browse Website open in new window
Reach Up And Touch The Sky. Kite sketchbooks, kite gallery, kite flying sites, kites and colour.


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Builder of modern Japanese kites and KAP enthusiast.


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