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 2 - CaveScript XML Browse Website open in new window
A cave survey and map data format for storing all information about a cave survey or an entire cave map.


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An analysis of cave geometry modelling methods by Todd R Kincaid, USA.


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A detailed paper on the treatment and minimising of errors in surveying.


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 5 - CaveSurveys.com Browse Website open in new window
Worldwide cave survey database, with limited viewing of surveys and links to the survey publishers.


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Covers all aspects of cartography including instruments, techniques, technology, data recording, data archiving, software, drawing up and presentation. Sponsors biannual field meets and projects. Includes contact information.


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 7 - Compass Points Browse Website open in new window
The Journal of the BCRA Cave Surveying Group.


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Aiming to establish a hardware and software independent format for the transfer and archiving of speleological data.


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The proposal and ongoing effort to establish XML based standards for the representation of cave survey data.


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