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 51 - Cyber Societies Browse Website open in new window
Picture rating with comments, user journals, chat, e-mail and on-site messages.


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Submit one's own toaster-posing picture and vote for a friends' pictures. Features top 10 and picture of the week.


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 53 - Look at Me Browse Website open in new window
Features uploaded pictures of Swedish web users and rating system.


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Rate pictures, profiles, instant messages, live chat, guestbooks and diary.


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 55 - Face The Jury Browse Website open in new window
Rate users pictures or submit your own to be rated. Meet new people through message boards and live chat.


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 56 - Shade.ca Browse Website open in new window
Rate people from one to ten according to their beauty, try to guess their age and choose the most attractive person in combat mode.


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 57 - Rate My System Browse Website open in new window
Upload an image of a PC System, or PC Case and rate it compared to others.


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 58 - Indian Celeb Browse Website open in new window
Indian based picture rating system where users can upload their picture and let others rate them.


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 59 - Rate My Tattoo Browse Website open in new window
Rate photos of tattoos, classified by picture type.


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 60 - ShutterPort Browse Website open in new window
Picture rating with 24 categories including animals landscapes and trains.


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