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DIY resource for Audiophiles. Includes recipes for Cat5 speaker cable, fine silver interconnects, and power cords.


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Information for audio DIY audio hobbyists. Articles, construction projects, links, sources.


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Projects by Nelson Pass including amplifiers, preamps and loudspeakers. Site offers information on circuit boards, FAQs and how to articles.


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Regularly updated blog containing a lot of information about DIY Audio.


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Very large Web community (forum) for the discussion of diy audio. Registration is required for full access.


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A wide collection of DIY Audio Projects that range from chip amplifiers to speakers to tube pre-amplifiers.


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A photographic gallery of DIY Audio Projects. The projects include are pictures of speakers, amplifiers, cables and more. Share photographs of your DIY Audio creations.


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Vacuum tubes for antique radios and tube audio gear.


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Beginners guide offers an introduction to DIY hi-fi. Includes articles on building, modifying and buying components.


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Discussion of vacuum tube audio amplifiers and high fidelity equipment with photos and schematic diagrams.


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