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Site relating to all areas of sword collecting and usage including articles and an active discussion forums.


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Collecting information relating to Japanese swords (Nihonto), including sword history, identification, care, glossaries, swordsmith profiles and translation aids for kanji inscriptions, a discussion forum, and links.


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Sword glossary, schools, events, equipment and supplies.


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Collection of articles specializing in sword hand guards (Tsuba), with bibliography, questions and answers, glossary and links.


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An organisation in existence for over 30 years dedicated to the study and preservation of Japanese swords, fittings and armour.


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A society concerned with the study and preservation of Japanese swords (nihonto).


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Sales and information regarding antique Japanese swords.


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A non-profit organization for the study and preservation of Japanese swords, related items and arts. Meetings are held in San Francisco's Japan Town.


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New York Token Kai, includes information on joining the club, meetings and newsletters.


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A few photos of rare ancient Japanese gold and silver swords.


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