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Dissociatives (5) DMT (3) LSD (8)
Mushrooms (9) Salvia divinorum (15)  

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Information on entheogens, psychedelics, and hallucinogens including traditional, spiritual, and responsible use, chemistry, effects, experiences, images, research, legislation, media coverage, bibliographies and links.


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 2 - Trip Magazine Browse Website open in new window
A mainstream publication for about psychedelics.


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Homepage of the inventor of LSD. Contains articles, information about projects, reviews, and a virtual museum tour.


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Menu of articles, research papers, books, and essays on LSD, peyote, psilocybin, and the use of psychedelic drugs in research, therapy, religion and personal growth.


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Information, treatment, and forums for sufferers of HPPD (Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder), also known as flashbacks, which happens to some users of psychedelic drugs.


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 6 - Ask Dr. Shulgin Browse Website open in new window
Information about psychedelics, entheogens, empathogens (MDMA, Ecstasy), from a pharmacologist and chemist.


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Articles on psychedelic mushrooms and DMT (with field notes on DMT experiences); LSD and Ketamine trip reports; preservation of dried psilocybin mushrooms; links to other documents concerning psychedelics.


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 8 - HPPDonline.com Browse Website open in new window
Information and message boards for people with Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (flashbacks).


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 9 - Tryptamind Browse Website open in new window
Resource on psychoactive, psychedelic and hallucinogenic plants and the pharmacological effects of their active chemical constituents.


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 10 - Cluster Busters Browse Website open in new window
Information regarding the use of hallucinogenic substances for the treatment of cluster headaches and other vascular headaches.


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