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Clay Shooting (3)  

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Famous and simultaneously infamous magazine, for 'mercenaries and professional soldiers' as well as for arm-chair dreamers and wannabes.


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 2 - Guns & Ammo Browse Website open in new window
The online edition of the magazine providing articles, news, and information about firearms.


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 3 - gunlaws.com Browse Website open in new window
Sells books related to firearm laws. Also links to many state regulations concerning concealed carry weapons and firearms laws.


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The online edition providing articles, news, and information about handguns.


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GunBlast is the newest, most down-to-earth Webzine for firearm aficionados. It is written, photographed, and maintained by Greg, Jeff and Boge Quinn, three brothers from Tennessee.


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 6 - Gun Tests Browse Website open in new window
A monthly magazine offering reviews and ratings of all types of guns.


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Shotgun enthusiasts' web site for anything and everything to do with all the shotgun sports.


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The first magazine devoted to active shooters who are serious about handguns, accessories, carry options, self-defense and shooting techniques.


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Shooting sports magazine for the latest news on guns, ammunition, and accessories. Highlights of the current issue are online.


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The website for anyone interested in the country, shooting, game shooting, gundogs and other country sports. Includes the Shooting Gazette, Britain's No 1 game shooting monthly.


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