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 1 - Ray Bethell Browse Website open in new window
The world's premier multiple kite flyer from Vancouver, BC Canada.


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Austin Team: Demonstrations, Performances, Training and Competitions. Eddie Zihlman, Jim Cox, Steven Ploof, Kevin Kirkendoll and Jim Wood.


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 3 - Team Garuda Browse Website open in new window
Sport kite competition team from Germany. English and German.


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AKA/USA national sport kite team Champions. Members are: Troy Gunn, Chris Shultz, Shane Snowden, Jerry Hershey.


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Nine member team specializes in large display kites. Available for kite festivals in the UK.


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Mark and Jeanette Lummas - founding members. Information for both teams and related kiting information.


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 7 - Flying Circus Browse Website open in new window
Dutch single line team.


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 8 - Collectif Zoone Browse Website open in new window
Team of single line designers introducing nonclassified flying forms of life.


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Bryan Cantle is a one-man team, flying three stunt kites at once. Provides a UK event schedule and photo galleries.


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Flying Triplanes in Holland.


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