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Articles, avian artwork, lists of aviaries, sanctuaries, associations, online suppliers, and mailing lists.


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 2 - BirdsnWays Browse Website open in new window
Species profiles and articles on toy making, diseases, nutrition, and breeding. Also offers classified advertising and forums.


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 3 - Rare Bird Browse Website open in new window
Resources for information on waterfowl, game birds, exotic, rare, and endangered birds. Included are free classifieds, image, audio and video libraries, and links to exotic bird breeders.


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 4 - The Aviary Browse Website open in new window
Information and weekly articles on species, health, care, adoption, and recipes.


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A blog with articles about parrots, canaries and birds in general.


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 6 - Bird Breeds Browse Website open in new window
A quick reference guide to many breeds of birds kept in captivity, with photos and brief descriptions.


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Website and forum focused on educating bird owners. Information on parrot rescues, problem behaviors, diet requirements, toys, tips, and other subjects related to keeping a bird healthy and happy.


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 8 - ParrotExpo Browse Website open in new window
A listing of bird shows, marts, seminars, and conferences in the United States.


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 9 - AvianVideos.com Browse Website open in new window
Upload, watch, and share pet bird videos. Includes how-to videos, dancing parrots, and expert lectures.


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Information on the care, housing, feeding, and breeding of various pet bird species, with forum.


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