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 1 - Big Dead Place Browse Website open in new window
A brutally frank introduction to working in the Antarctic.


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Roderick Eime's snapshot of this amazing volcanic island at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.


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A collection of photographs and anecdotes from Bill Tilmans pilot cutter voyages


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 4 - White Desert Browse Website open in new window
Official site for the White Desert expedition to the South Pole. Including daily updates, gallery and Antarctic history.


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 5 - Mick Travels Browse Website open in new window
Personal travelogue pages of "Mick's" experiences.


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Three Malaysians attempt a record-breaking journey across the Antarctic continent beginning in October 2003.


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Exhaustive and detailed account of a two week cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula.


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 8 - Of Ice and Men Browse Website open in new window
Journey by icebreaker to the Antarctic Peninsula.


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Travel about 2000 kilometres east from Tierra del Fuego, at the very tip of South America, and you might stumble on its precipitous and windswept shores.


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A description of my year as a Network Administrator at the South Pole research station.


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