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Scott Simon talks with math Professor Alain Goriely about his explanation of what makes a whip crack.


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Picture and information about bullwhips and sonic booms, presented by Nova Online.


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Fanzine discusses the whips used in the television show, but focuses more on how to choose a whip, crack a whip, and tend to a whip. Offers related links.


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Features a description of whip history, types, construction and a reference publication.


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 5 - Morgan Whips Browse Website open in new window
Offers custom handcrafted nylon bullwhips and snakewhips. Includes the maker's profile, construction details, photos, prices and care tips.


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Tips for cracking, list of training videos, book reviews and pictures provided.


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 7 - Whip Care Browse Website open in new window
Offers a brief description on whip care.


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Information on general care, cleaning and dressing with pictures and list of books provided.


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A list of Internet addresses and links to singletail whip makers, sellers, performers and information.


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 10 - Whip Maintanence Browse Website open in new window
Tips and tricks for breaking in and caring for new whips along with information how to make popper provided.


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