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 41 - Frozen Dead Guy Browse Website open in new window
Frozen in dry ice since 1993. Here is the "story" of the Cryonics of Grandpa Bredo.


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Claiming to be the market leader in contract killings and assassination services.


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 43 - Garbage House Browse Website open in new window
A collection of original humor, fake news stories, shocking pictures and bizarre website links.


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 44 - Stumpy Moose Browse Website open in new window
Features, reviews and links, optimized for people with too much time on their hands.


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Aliens give reviews of pop culture, rants, opinions, and answers to questions.


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Insolitology, the facetious study of oddity and weird sites on the web, from Alex Chiu to Scientology.


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A list of different types of human excrement.


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Search through Mr. Smarty Pants' vast base of knowledge about accordions, flan, Texas, and washaterias.


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 49 - Demonical.com Browse Website open in new window
Visitors can trade souls online.


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 50 - Avery Ant Browse Website open in new window
A stop motion ranting ant gives his opinions. Requires Flash.


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