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The disturbing adventures of an abandoned, rotten baby doll found in the Georgia Woods.


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 52 - Bizarre Abyss Browse Website open in new window
Features an 'evil name' generator, virtual drug dealer, message boards, bizarre news and photos.


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 53 - Feelwiggy Browse Website open in new window
Bizarre flash animations, soundboard, cartoon series and Shockwave and Flash online games.


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 54 - Eurobabble Browse Website open in new window
Fables, mangled by translation software.


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 55 - Off the Deep End Browse Website open in new window
"Off the Deep End, " humor columns by Steve Dunham that have appeared in Commuter Weekly.


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 56 - The Best Deal Browse Website open in new window
Hear an audio file conversation of a real parrot making a joke about frying its mate on a frying pan.


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 57 - Wacky Labels Browse Website open in new window
Free downloadable printable novelty labels.


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A list of ridiculous world records.


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 59 - The Vomitorium Browse Website open in new window
Stories and pictures of drunken vomiting escapades.


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 60 - LeRoy TeleVision Browse Website open in new window
A trip in the world of LeRoy TeleVision.


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