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A national registrar. Training and screening for people who want to visit hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities with their animals.


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Fidos for Freedom is a volunteer assistance dog training organization in Baltimore. Includes information about volunteering, and service, hearing and therapy dogs.


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A national registrar. Provides qualified handlers and their therapy dogs for visits. Training and testing programs.


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Delivering the love and affection of volunteers and their pets to enhance lives and reopen closed emotional doors of people with special needs. Where they go. How to help. San Jose, CA.


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A national registrar. Helps dog owners use their pets for therapy work. Qualifications of therapy dogs. How to have a safe visit.


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Inmates at a correctional facility for women learn how to train, groom, and board dogs within the prison walls. A feeling of satisfaction directly contributes to the mental and physical wellness of all who are involved.


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A guide to resources about pet therapy, courses, and the links between animal abuse, domestic violence and child abuse.


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Describes the psychological healing and support provided by service dogs, especially companion golden retrievers. Included are true stories and a psychology contest named "You vs Your Dog".


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Training, support, and coordination of volunteers and companion animals for animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted activity. Offers visitation in healthcare settings, activity programs for clients with disabilities and literacy program for children.


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Non-profit organization bringing animal resources to human needs. Specializing in animal-assisted therapy in the areas of physical, occupational, speech and psychotherapies.


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