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Afghanistan (2) Bhutan (2) Burma (1)
Cambodia (8) China (14) India (12)
Indonesia (10) Japan (53) Malaysia (4)
Maldives (2) Mongolia (1) Myanmar (1)
Nepal (10) North Korea (1) Pakistan (5)
Philippines (2) Singapore (1) South Korea (1)
Sri Lanka (4) Taiwan (1) Thailand (8)
Turkmenistan (4) Vietnam (27)  

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Asia from top to bottom, from the Dalai Lama to Aung San Suu Kyi, from the tycoons to rocking Rangoon, from veteran reporter Ron Gluckman.


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Andy Carvin describes his 1997 travels across Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Thailand and Hong Kong.


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Chronicle of travel through China and Siberia, from Beijing to Moscow. Photos, links, messages.


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Series of essays, with pictures, about experiences the author has had throughout Southeast Asia. By Gregg Butensky.


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 5 - Baikaler Browse Website open in new window
Offers assistance to everyone planning to visit Irkutsk, Russia, Lake Baikal and Mongolia. Includes descriptions, information about accommodations, FAQs, photographs and a contact form.


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Photo essay of travels around Asia, including 10 cities in China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.


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Tom and Marie Grant share a personal account of life in Japan, Japanese society, culture and travel, and tours of Vietnam, China, Thailand, Seoul, Australia, and Hong Kong.


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Bangkok and Ibiza, a private Website with pictures and information.


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Photos, information and stories from a journey across Tibet from Lhasa to Kathmandu. Also with photos, information and a few tales from Kathmandu.


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Journal and travel/political impressions by a photographer and writer who visited this disputed region, as well as nearby Armenia and Azerbaijan, in 2000.


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